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I’m a performing songwriter.  It has been my honor to play at some VERY fine listening rooms such as The Late Week Lazy Boy Supper Club, held at the Royal Theater in Archer City, Pigeon’s Posse in Austin during SXSW, and Java Jax, a remarkable venue in Sweetwater, Texas.  I’ve had some amazing Moments as a performer and played some events that have taken my breath away, but these stand out as highlights because of the priority that is given to the listening experience.

I left radio for the last time in 2003 or thereabout, bravely immersing myself in the world of the professional musician.  I quickly found out that listening rooms are rare in West Texas, and tend not to sell the beer and alcohol that creates a budget to pay for professional musicians.  I soon became adept at scootin’ boots and rockin’ out and setting sales records for shots with risque names.  Bar managers and cab companies love me, but it hasn’t exactly made me a household name.


Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE playing loud and proud, connecting with audiences across Texas by playing familiar, crowd-pleasing songs. It has helped me hone the performance aspects of my show to a fine edge— I even teach a clinic on it—and my own shows are better for it.


Upon the release of “All In” in 2006, I was pleased and humbled to find that my own songs had found a place in the hearts of listeners.

Over the years I’ve been told that each of the 12 songs on the CD has been someone’s favorite.  More and more of you are requesting original material at cover shows, for which I am profoundly grateful.  God bless every one of you.

I’ve become a fan (and nearly a disciple) of Walt Wilkins, and I can only hope that my latest material reflects my efforts to grow in that direction. I also steal as many licks and riffs from Monte Montgomery as I can, but that man is a freak of nature on the guitar. I mention this because A: I would drive many miles and buy a ticket to see someone almost as good as these guys (and I’m hoping that you will, too), and B: they are some of the classiest individuals I know.  I have stories about both of them that will melt your heart. Please ask me about them at one of my shows. I’d tell them here, but dadgummit, it’s my bio.  


Now, where was I …

Oh, yes—balance.  The yin and yang of a performing songwriter.  The push of a great show, and the pull of a friend that knows your story.  

The punch of a concert fist pump, and the healing power of knowing that you’re not alone; that someone else is hanging on to hope, and celebrating your victories right along with you.
Somewhere in my big bold act of following my dream, I started playing it safe. It’s an imbalance, it’s an injustice, and it ends here.

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