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I’d like to turn your story into a song. Created specifically for you, this is a unique work of art that you can enjoy forever. I’ll listen while you tell me your story, then I’ll create a song that you can be proud to share.





This was the best thing we could have done!  We played the song at the rehearsal dinner, and gave everyone a copy of the CD with ____ and_____’s picture on it; it was perfect!

Marla - Dallas, Texas



I was amazed at how well you captured my wishes for my daughter’s wedding several years ago.  Recently she told me that she applied some of the wisdom in the song during a “rough patch”, and it made a HUGE difference!  Thank you all over again!

Mollie - Hot Springs, Arkansas



Our family cannot thank you enough for making her 100th birthday that much more special.  We all appreciate how much the song - and the beautiful picture with the words - really connected with her.

Minerva - Abilene, Texas



He was thrilled!  He’s been smiling and humming “His” song for days!

Bonnie - Phoenix, Arizona



I can’t believe how deeply your song connected with my mom.  We were all shocked to hear how well you included the Yiddish language in the lyrics!  Amazing!

Lori - San Francisco, California



“Take Care Of My Baby” is one of my all-time favorite songs.  I know you wrote it for my sister-in-law, but that’s one that should be multi-platinum all by itself!

Kevin - Abilene, Texas



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